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plan4flow is a unique boutique consulting firm specializing in using project management with business intelligence to energize an organization's leaders towards the company's goal. Regardless of the organization's current performance, we can improve outcomes substantially by challenging common paradigms.

Gustavo Valente: Founder and Senior Consultant of plan4flow. His clients recognize Gustavo for his ability to facilitate analyses and simplification, bring clarity, and solve complex problems with a win-win approach while maintaining the big picture view.

As a senior consultant, Gustavo helped organizations to achieve significant results, accelerating projects using the principles of CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) and the flow management process of TOC (Theory Of Constraints). He has delivered workshops, trained and coached senior management, project managers, and engineers.

On his recent engagements, Gustavo developed the knowledge of the business in the segment of Commercial Vehicles Equipment and Plastic Injection, involving Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacture, Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Final Assembly and Distribution.

As a Professional Engineer, Gustavo worked for over 30 years, leading complex technological aircraft development projects.

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