Project and Pipeline

Project Services for Senior Management,
Project Leaders & Supervisors

Project and Pipeline

Project Services for Senior Management,
Project Leaders & Supervisors

Does your organization face any of these challenges?

  • Your team seems busy with work, but results are below expectations
  • Projects are not finished on time, despite adding resources
  • Your team has different views of your priorities and how to execute them


Research shows*:

  • The top reason for low project performance is: "Attempting to run too many projects."
  • 66% of organizations do not complete projects on time
  • 64% of organizations do not deliver the full benefits of their projects

*wellingtone publications

How can you make your teams more efficient and boost your projects?

Bring the plan4flow project methodology to your organization for effective project planning and execution.


  • Deal with change itself, as a project
  • Scope and map projects with critical thinking
  • Harmonize the pipeline of projects to utilize critical resources efficiently


  • Manage project progress with performance indicators
  • Manage project threats with early warnings
  • Keep resources focused


"I have now worked with Gustavo in two different "turn-around" companies. In each, Gustavo has brought training, insights, mentorship, coaching, but above all, clarification and critical thinking that have generated both top-line and bottom-line results.

As president of these ventures, I need to assess and execute "step-changing" transformation quickly. In a sense, Gustavo has been my partner in helping achieve the vision and mission. Most impressive are Gustavo's approaches in project management, Win-Win solutions, and alternative ways to look at a business' potential for profitability and growth.

For example, at an injection molding company Gustavo mentored an internal project manager to clean, re-layout, and prepare the plant for >$3M of new assets – using Critical Chain Project Management techniques that allowed her to deliver on time and save over $400,000 (the cost of the project if it were to be outsourced). In the same company, Gustavo leveraged his engineering background – working closely with the engineering team in critical thinking – of how to scope the project, understand the root(s) of the problem(s), design testing criteria, and drive forward the actions.

Gustavo was also instrumental in assisting another company in driving sales – "digging" deep with the Team to determining why customers were apprehensive about giving the company a chance/or a second chance. Gustavo administered these brainstorming and open-forum conversations through workshops and follow-up sessions that brought forward SOPs (standard operating procedures) and proposal offer those customers could not refuse ...and they were not based on lowering the price!

Lastly, Gustavo participates with me one-on-one as a business coach – helping me with the "stepping back" and continuously evaluate the big picture."

–President of Plastic Recycle and Technical Products Company

"Learning TOC (Theory Of Constraints) has been instrumental in driving rapid results with increased productivity and Throughput. I can now see new possibilities and develop solutions for our business in a way that wasn't available before. We applied CCPM managing projects involving Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality, and we were able to reduce the cycle time by almost 300% delivering 100% on time."

–Director of Project Management of Metal Fabrication and Commercial Vehicles Company

"Our Company has worked with Gustavo Valente for a few years. I had the opportunity to work directly with Gustavo in his CCPM Workshop, Streamline Project, Material Management, and Fleet Project. Gustavo listened and learned our business. He has a Win-Win-Win approach and is very passionate and driven. Gustavo brings clarity and simplification to find the solution for the problem. He believes it is always possible to do it better. I'm extremely impressed by the knowledge I have gained working with Gustavo and would highly recommend his services. It's a WIN-WIN!"

–Director of Material Management – Fleet Processes of Metal Fabrication and Commercial Vehicles Company

"I had the pleasure of working with Gustavo on several projects while our company was mapping out all our processes to find opportunities for continuous improvement. He does an outstanding job of bringing teams together in discussions, deconflicting issues and has a fantastic visual approach that is easy to understand and implement. Gustavo's expertise and workshops on the theory of constraints (TOC) and critical chain project management (CCPM) helped us properly plan and execute projects on time and to customer expectations. "

–Director, Fleet Engineering of Metal Fabrication and Commercial Vehicles Company

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